About the Blog

What is this thing, anyways?

A Launch-Pad

I’m experimenting with using this platform as an academic blog. I’ve never been one to blog, personally, but working on developing my thoughts on marrying my two major interests (Philosophy and Computer Science) is something I am trying to more actively do; laying out my thoughts in a road-map fashion on here seems like a good way to start before diving headfirst into a full paper.

A Test

This also an opppertunity to get to work with Hugo, a light-weight, open-source site generator written in Go. As someone who designs and develops elaborate, modern websites for a living, returning to basics with a static-content framework is both refreshing and straightfoward.

About Me

My name is Sam. I’m a senior undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Philosophy, emphasizing on Web Engineering and Philosophy of Mind respectively. I’m a largely self-taught programmer, starting at the age of 7 with simple Batch commands and expanding exponentially from there.

Currently, I do professional web design and development work for a wide-array of clients, and work part-time as a Web Programming Assistant for my University’s Library. I’m an avid fan of anime, classic literature, and DnD.