This is a welcome and primer post – it’s the first on this site.

In the Wired

It’s a bit ironic that this post is welcoming to you something on the “Wired” which is in actuality hosted on the Internet: N1X would argue in their work Notes on Cyber-Nihilism that

Today, the Wired doesn’t yet have autonomy. It is commonly conflated with the Internet, which is anything but autonomous. The Internet, RATHER, is the gentrification of the Wired, and your social media profile is the gentrification of your Wired self that your meatspace representative has built.

So then, dear reader: if at all, how can we discern and differentiate the internal workings of a computer and the perceptions of the human mind? It is so easy for us to both conflate and separate the concept of our minds from what we partition off of ourselves to be a semblance or notion of self “in reality” versus “online.” What is the impact of the Internet and digital social media upon our [internal] mental identities? Is there even a “true” notion of self that stems from the projection of our “thoughts” into an endless void of information?

It’s questions like these that I hope to build upon on this platform. In the coming weeks/months, I am planning to begin building upon a multi-part outline that addresses the fundamentals behind this over-arching theme of Philosophy of Computer Science, with a supporting focus on Philosophy of Mind and Existentialism by way of works such as Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell, and more.